Note:  names and other items have been changed due to privacy concerns.

"Worthlessness, Loneliness and gut-wrenching pain are just a few words I can now proudly say I felt in the past. Many people might not understand that sentence but I'm no longer ashamed to describe and share my story with others who have and or are suffering from depression. Let me formally introduce myself, my name is Faye Butler and I want to say THANK YOU, for your generosity that has allowed me to attend counseling sessions.

For some time, I was ashamed to share with others my story of how I suffered from depression. I now know what the word means, how to understand how

I'm feeling and ask for help and most importantly keep myself accountable to not fall back to a place that unless you have gone thru you may not understand. I now know the importance of mental health and being okay to say I go to counseling. I have been able to explain to people how it has helped save my life in many ways and continues to do so.

Thank you for helping me, someone you didn't know personally,  but needed help more than you can imagine. That person was and is still is me. At times I still have things I need to work on and every day I can be thankful that when I know I'm having an anxiety episode or as I call it a "sad day". I  can call or text my counselor. This has made an impact on my life and I'm sure many others.

Saying thank you seems so simple, that I wish I could do more but know that as tears run through my face as I write this letter, I'm beyond thankful. With your assistance and by God’s grace, I am getting to a better place. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am personally thankful for YOU!!"

- Faye Butler

"I adopted my daughter at a very young age and she is now and older teenager. The journey we have been on has at times been wonderful and fulfilling, but more often it has been challenging and difficult. She deals daily with significant issues related to the trauma of being abandoned and adopted. I struggled to find resources that understood and could help our unique situation. As a freshman in high school, when all the drama of high school was added to her ongoing challenges, my daughter ended up hospitalized with depression, anxiety, and self-harm issues. The counseling my daughter has received has been able to unpack all the trauma that she has experienced. Issues have been tackled using proven methods that work with adoption issues. I can see definite improvement in my daughter’s ability to cope with stress, anxiety, and fear. She is doing well in school and for the first time I have a bit of hope that she will have a successful and productive future. The weekly sessions that are needed would not have been possible without the Liz’s Legacy Foundation scholarship for which I am extremely grateful!"

- A Grateful Mom


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for including our daughter for a Liz’s Legacy Counseling Scholarship. Although both my husband and I work, the cost of counseling was a large financial burden. I fear that without the scholarship, we would have had to limit her much -needed counseling.  However, thanks to Liz’s Legacy, our daughter has gone from debilitating depression to a road of recovery. Although she will most likely battle depression again or other challenges, thanks to Liz’s Legacy, she has made huge strides toward recovery through the counseling she has received.  We are so grateful to Liz’s Legacy.

Thank you!"

- Mom and Dad to a 10-year-old daughter


My name is Louise, I am writing this letter to share a little bit about my story. My 12-year-old daughter was a victim of a sexual crime for 3 years from a family friend. We found out about this in November 2017. I knew my daughter would need a lot of help over the next few months and even years to come to bring her through this. It has been a long 8 months to say the least. We just ended trial and prosecution and it has been time to move on. At the beginning of this year, I contacted my pastor in desperate need of finding counseling for my daughter. Knowing how expensive it is and not always covered under insurance I just had to leave it all in God’s hands. I knew He would direct our paths and HE would make a way. The morning I called my pastor he knew exactly who I should call. So, after hanging up with him, many tears later, I took it upon myself to call the counseling service he HIGHLY recommended. It was in a matter of moments; my tears came back. I placed a phone call and it was within minutes I knew God directed my path. I called very upset and just inquiring about prices and services and shared just a little bit about what we have been going through. The amazing lady who answered the phone, took all my information and within minutes, literally, returned my call to share with me that we have been awarded a scholarship. Tears begin to fall again.  I knew God would always make a way but sometimes when you are going through rough times you just wonder how. I know Jer 29;11 tells us He has a plan for our life and I just needed to rest assured He’s got me 😉 

So, with that being said, since February, my daughter, has been going faithfully a couple of times a month to see the most amazing counselor God could have EVER given to us. This was ONLY possible by the scholarship and faithful servants who follow the hearts of Jesus and supply needs to families who just can't afford this but was so desperate for it.  This has been such a BLESSING to my family for the last several months. The counselor has helped my daughter overcome one of the worst things any child could ever go through. As a mom, I wanted to just help so bad but didn’t know what else to do but God knew all along. She is such a special person and we will forever be grateful for her.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with thank you’s. I am SO VERY THANKFUL for people who listen to Jesus when HE speaks to their hearts. Thank you to this amazing scholarship who has helped so many families, especially mine. The blessing from Jesus continues to pour over my daughter. She is growing stronger, one day at a time. If it wasn’t for amazing people who donates for others who just can’t, I honestly don’t know where we would be right now. I pray God blessed you 10 times full for helping so many others. It truly is one of the greatest blessings you could ever give someone. Continue to follow the whispers of Jesus because you have NO IDEA where the blessings go and how much people are truly grateful. 

This counseling is by far one of the greatest blessings God has provided to so many others. I am one thankful Momma. <3"

"Jim and Margaret, I wanted to write this thank you for the scholarship for counseling in Liz's memory that you set up.  I have four children, one son who is 27 and married, one son who is 18 and just graduated last June and two daughters, ages 6 and 10.  

I've been married for almost 20 years and sadly my husband has battled with alcoholism, as well as a mental health disorder for some time.  Unfortunately, over the last 6 years or so, his illness and addiction has resulted in verbal and physical abuse against me that has been witnessed by my children.  I've had to have him arrested multiple times and he's only made feeble attempts at sobriety and counseling.  

The situation has taken a heavy toll on mine and my children's mental health and wellbeing.   I am currently trying to separate from my husband and sell our home so that I can get an apartment for myself and my children and start the process of divorce  We have been going for counseling about every other week now for a few months and I really believe that it is helping the girls to process through their feelings and emotions concerning their father and the situation. My girls have been interacting during these sessions and feel totally comfortable sharing.   

If it weren't for your generosity with the scholarship that allows my girls to get counseling, I would feel totally helpless and hopeless.  I'm not yet seeing light at the end of the tunnel, but I am having more peace that I'm going to get there eventually.

As a believer, I struggle with why God allows certain things to happen, or why He doesn't heal certain things or fix certain situations, but ultimately, I come back to, because He's God and I'm not and I have no choice but to trust in His sovereign plan for my life and my children's lives.  

I cannot express how grateful I am to both of you for this gift and just wanted you to know that you are making a great impact in my life and the lives of my children through this scholarship. 

I think of Liz often and can only imagine how awesome she would think this is.

Hugs to you and Liz’s Legacy, we will forever be thankful to God for this blessing!"

"...as I reviewing emails, I am listening to two little boys who have received Liz’s Legacy Foundation scholarships in the playroom with their counselor.  Their father recently committed suicide. One of the boys actually spoke to me today. I think that is the first time I have heard words come out of his mouth when I greeted him.  The other boy talks, but is quiet. His little eyes always look so hopeful. Their counselor is doing such a good job with them.  

Their mom is in the lobby waiting.   She is calmer now than I have seen in a long time.  Another counselor on our staff is working with her. The mom was literally trembling the first several times she came in.  

Their whole lives were suddenly changed. Thank you for helping us help them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"